Sleepeels is my alter ego and a Youtube personality. In her live stream performances she uses the digital devices of others to create a physical form for herself. She broadcasts herself live on the smartphones of her audience while streaming from her computer in the same proximity. A cacophony of echoes can be heard in the room as smartphones playback her performance at differing stream rates. Eventually the intensifying reverb drowns all speech and high pitched frequencies fill the room.

Documentation of Sleepeels youtube channel livestream performance which was broadcasted on multiple handheld devices during Torpor/A Bliss/A Slump, Staircase exhibition May 2019.

You Are The Future, 2019, Livestream Youtube video, 2:28 min

To the people of the future. 

Silicon Valley Doomsday, 2019, Livestream Youtube video, 4:41 min

Silicon Valley Executives are building doomsday shelters in New Zealand

Helpling Grrrl, 2018, video, 0:34 min

The Helpling house cleaners platform logo has been manipulated in video editing software and gains her own voice.  

RT:ActivTrak, 2019, 3:22 min

Feedback loop of real time screenshots taken by employee surveillance software. It spys on me while I spy on it.

Jordan Peterson, Panic and Sacred Harp, Livestream Youtube video, 5:56 min

The algorithm picks videos which feature Jordan Peterson, self help for anxiety, and Sacred Harp singing in this Youtube algorithm mashup.

Black Birds, Livestream Youtube video, 3:39 min

Teaching Houndify, a voice and song recognition platform, blackbird songs.

SleepeelsSleepeelS, 2019, reversed sound recording, 0:42 min

Paradoxical Mountain, 2019, video, 3:23 min

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