Cosmic Visitor 2, 2016

Astral Shape, 2016

Sleep Paralysis, Animation/sound composition,


Plieadian Landscape, 2016


The Pleiadians are an alien race first channeled by Barbara Marciniak in the 1980´s. They are a benevolent and beautiful race who have contacted earth with messages to guide us into enlightenment. A web search of the Pleiadians will reveal many stories about them.

Could Barbara have had unusual perceptual experiences, such as hypnagogia? Hypnagogia is a sleep disorder in which the mind awakens while the body remains asleep. It creates natural hallucinogenic visions and sensations which can seem more real than what is experienced while awake. Some people believe they are visited by angels, having an out of body experience or abducted by aliens when this happens to them. Did such an experience prompt Barbara to write her channeled book, Bringers of the Dawn. Is she, and other mediums like her, giving a name and a narrative to such experiences? Like the space junk that accumulates in our planet's orbit these stories multiply and feed into each other—bringing us a new vision and meaning to our lives.

Periodically, she experienced episodes of hypnagogia.It is a fairly common experience, though not very many people know what is happening to them when it occurs. She certainly didn't. When she entered this strange state, she heard what could be described as a loud crackling or static noise in her ears. It sounded like a radio tuning into this other plane of existence—the astral plane where her spirit was free to travel without the limitations of a body. In this astral plane strange things would happen. Once a white light entered her body and she felt she was in ecstasy. Another time, she was hugged by what felt like an angelic presence and saw beautiful mandalas which floated over her sleeping body.

On one of these occurrences, She fell into another dimension. It felt like she fell backwards into her mattress and behind her body. There she saw a colorful world of numbers which where calculating themselves at great speeds. It was like seeing reality from a mathematical dimension, as if the world were created from numbers.

Sometimes she could sense an evil presence and would see strange figures hovering over her bed. One of these figures looked alien. He was small, robotic, grotesque and had a camera lens for an eye. It seemed like he was observing her; collecting data on her. She could hear herself crying out in her sleep when this happened but couldn't wake up.

She had also visited the planet with 2 suns in the Pleiadian star cluster—also called the 7 sisters. The Pleiadians are a plant based, alien life form. They glow like phosphorescent earth plants. They have a wisdom that has evolved over billions of years. They visit earth in their spirit form through human channels. They are alien gods and she, a modern day shaman.

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