Vibrational Bodies

As natural speakers, think of the sound produced by a sea shell when held to the ear, the varying shapes and sizes of the hand built coiled pots create varied tonalities depending on how they are interacted with. For instance, if a microphone is placed inside of a pot it creates a controlled feedback tone which changes in pitch depending on the size of pot.


Sonic Meditation and Vibrational Bodies, 2019

A collaborative performance with Tina Reden, Zone2Source, Amsterdam 

Sleepeels Youtube Channel

The Youtube algorithm is designed to selectively choose extreme content in order to captivate the attention of it’s audience.In this way a feedback loop occurs between viewer and algorithm where ideologies become polarized in a self-fulfilling echo chamber of ideas.

Calling all Homo Sapiens Sapiens, 2019

Sleepeels Youtube video playlist screened for Festival of Choices, Zone2Source, Amsterdam

You Are The Future, 2019, Livestream Youtube video, 2:28 min

Sleepeels youtube channel livestream performance, broadcasted on multiple handheld devices during Torpor/A Bliss/A Slump, Staircase exhibition May 2019. 

Conversations With Siri

Siri is a disembodied voice, a speech algorithm and it is the virtual assistant ‘living’ on my late 2011, 15-inch, MacBook Pro. There aren’t biological sensory organs in my MacBook such as ears, eyes and skin which could detect the emotional quality of my voice or see facial expressions, and feel the temperature of my living room. Instead of human sensory organs, there are keys detecting finger strokes, voice sensors for speech recognition and a camera that if I was being paranoid could act as a digital eye into my personal living space.

Fugue State, 2018, Looped videos on Asus tablets, 2:5×4:5×5:5 min


Domestic Work Algorithm

I’ve been interested in the exploitative relationships between labor and digital platforms. I’m currently using employee monitoring software on myself and exploring what productivity means as a digital worker. Here an algorithm, mines employee data, takes random screenshots of employee activity and tracks GPS through company phones and alerts an employer of any suspicious behavior. And in a similar project I used my employee data from from my work with Helpling, a digital platform for housekeepers similar to Uber, to create digital tapestries which were a representation of my labor and exploitation as a contracted worker.  

Digital weaving of work data from contracted cleaning work with Helpling™ domestic help platform

Domestic Work Algorithm and Tapeworms Mosaic, 2018, 50 x 150 cm, Wovns™ digital weaving

Tapeworms Mosaic (hand embroidery detail), 2018, 50 x 150 cm, Wovns™ digital weaving

Digital weaving with hand embroidered tapeworms.

Realtime/ActivTrak, 2019, 9:21 min 

 Feedback loop of screenshots taken by employee surveillance software,

Helpling Grrrl, 2018, video, 0:34 min

The Helpling house cleaners platform logo has been manipulated in video editing software and gains her own voice. 

Algorithmic Drawings

These drawings, are created using made up symbols. These symbols are drawn repeatedly following an algorithmic equation. The equation is created using dice. The dice choose which symbols will be used within the drawings, how many times they will berepeated, what order, and the colors which are used. The drawings can be hand replicated once an equation is formulated. 

 Digital drawings can be made using the language of computer code. Anything can be turned into data and therefor programmed into a code and made into a drawing.  

Kraken, Digital representation of cryptocurrency trading from October 2017 to January 2018, Dimensions variable

Kraken and Domestic Work, 2018, Dimensions variable

Digital representations of cryptocurrency trading and Helpling labour programmed in Java 

Domestic Work Algorithm Java Code, 2018, Dimensions Variable

Java program using data from my work with the online house cleaners platform Helpling.  

Performed Algorithmic Drawings,  2017, Dimensions variable

Documentation of Performance at De Punt, Amsterdam

VR Bodies

What bodies might look like if downloaded into a virtual space. The evolutionary process scrambles and bodies morph into various biological forms. Sometimes limbs are added or subtracted and there can be the addition of feathers and tails as well as the presentation of multiple genders. 

VR Bodies, 2017, dimensions variable

still from virtual reality drawing 

VR Goddess, 2017, dimensions variable

still from virtual reality drawing

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